When it comes to luxury cars, there is a plethora of makes to choose from, such as Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce, and the Bentley Continental. The question before us is whether there is any significant difference between these luxurious rides apart from the design and cost? Specifically, we will try to see whether rivals BMW and Mercedes Benz are really that different or not.

An Amazing Model Range

Germans lead car manufacturing, and both BMW and Mercedes Benz exemplify this with their diverse model range from entry-level sedans to luxury cars. The former boasts of the 1-7 series, X3, X5, Z4, Mini, and the Rolls Royce. The latter replies with the A/B-class, Mercedes Benz C-class, E-class, SL, S-class, GLK, ML, SLK, Smart, and AMG. It is also interesting to note that whereas BMW hasn't ventured into trucks and buses, Mercedes hasn’t manufactured motorcycles. Currently, Benz is doing better in the luxury cars segment.

A Recent Move Towards Hybrids

Both firms have only recently realized the importance of hybrids, even though their rivalry lasts more than 5 decades. The BMW Mini has outdone its competitor in the small-car market. On the other hand, Mercedes has only been able to churn out the rear-engine ForTwo with Smart, and the car is not without its criticisms. In addition, the sedan ‘ForFour’, and the coupe roadster have ceased being manufactured, while ForMore still remains a prototype. Compare this with the fact that BMW has launched the supergreen Project i family, while Benz is still looking for collaborators to enhance its Smart car range.


Finally, a noteworthy point of comparison between BMW and Mercedes Benz is their accumulation of prototypes and designs that haven’t reached the production line. Both companies have issues controlling their expenses, and also increasing their volume. All factors hint to the fact that both firms have more in common than usually thought, and that collaboration between the age-old enemies may soon be observed.

By: Paul Cook MWC

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