Whether it is to repair your car or enhance its performance and appearance, you will end up shopping for auto parts. Below is a list of the top 5 auto parts that you need to buy right the first time to prevent long-term inconvenience:

1. Side Mirrors

Side mirrors can be purchased online, and if you have a car like the Marquis (mercury grand), you can install them yourself as well. However, it is better to visit your dealership, for they will not only perform the installation, but will also provide you mirrors from original manufacturer stock.

2. Mats

Mats and liners are essential to protect your vehicle’s floor and carpeting. When purchasing these, you should keep both your car and your driving routine in mind. For instance, if you drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee, you can go for Weatherpro Floor mats for protection against rain and snow, or custom Husky Liners for minimizing wear and tear.

3. Cabin Filters

A cabin filter is a basic auto part, and buying the best one for your car can make a huge difference to its usability. If you drive a minivan like a used Chrysler Town and Country, you should go for filters manufactured by Green, K & N, or Spectre.

4. Headlights

Many people buy headlights to suit the style of their car or SUV. While this has its merits, your selection should be more based on weather conditions in your area. So if you are driving a 2013 Nissan Altima in foggy weather, you purchase Chrome Projector, Smoke Projector, or Clear LED lights from Spyder from Nissan Dealers in your city.  

5. Oxygen Sensor

Finally, a new oxygen sensor can improve the performance of your car by ensuring the most efficient mixture of air and fuel and improving MPG. If you have a persistent Check Engine light in your 2005 Mercedes Benz E Class, you should buy a new 4-wire oxygen sensor from Replacement.

By Paul Cook MWC

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