In movies, we often see guys impressing women with their rides. Although, it may not be as easy in real life but there are certain cars that definitely leave an impression on girls. For guys, it is the most ecstatic experience when girls want to sit in their cars. If you are looking to impress a girl with your dad's automobile, you may be out of luck as such cars come at a cost. The following are some of the most famous chick magnet cars.

Ford Mustang

Even the name of this beauty makes drivers drool over it. A monster engine fitted in a huge bonnet is a perfect representation of a muscle car. If any of your friends own one, you would have certainly seen chicks approaching him. The automobile makes enormous noise, runs fast and gives an adrenaline rush to the driver as well as the passenger. Even though there are companies that make faster and more technologically advanced cars, a large number of girls still prefer old school. The traditional look adds character to the Ford Mustang and it is one of the best rides you could invite a woman on. Jim Morrison and Steve McQueen have enjoyed the company of women in this road monster. If you are still not convinced, watch;Gone in 60 Seconds for inspiration.

Chevrolet Corvette

Talk about retro and you get Chevrolet Corvette. However, there are a number of other reasons that contribute to its sex appeal. The Corvette was introduced in the 50s and it came out as a convertible. In high school, we all know how much we enjoyed convertible cars or desired to own one. Girls absolutely love the Corvette as it allows them to enjoy the freedom of an open top, stand up in the car while running on a highway, let the breeze strike right in the face and most important of all, it allows chicks to show off.

Range Rover Sport

Since when did Range Rover Sports start looking sexy? The answer is, it still does not. But remember that girls do not only get impressed by what's on the outside. The interior of a car matters as much as its exterior. Even though, all girls might not be impressed by a Range Rover Sports model but you would still find a large number of chicks who would be willing to take a ride with you in this road giant. The entertainment systems, tinted windows, perfect traction and speed make up an exciting environment, one that provides absolute privacy as well. Think again, why would they not want to sit in one?

Toyota Prius

All chicks do not like giant-fuel drinking-dirty cars. There are plenty who are concerned about the environment. Driving a Prius is not only a fashion statement, it also sends out the message that you care. If you plan to exhibit a gentle and caring personality to women, driving a Prius would lead you towards the right choice. It's green, it's electric and it is definitely going to dominate the market in the future.

Nissan 350Z

With this Japanese Sports King, you can land up with great chicks without even having to go all the way out. The 350Z as aesthetics like the Audi TT, has two doors and runs like a monster. It is safe to assume that most chicks are not much literate about the prices of such cars and they would be forced to think that you carry with you a symbol of wealth while you're not.

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