About Us

Mission Statement
To provide a collaborative, integrated, online platform for car lovers, car buyers, and car sellers that combines the best of social media with the best of digital car markets; the mechanics of a shared passion.
About Us
ManWomanCar offers an integrated platform for car lovers, car buyers and car sellers.
Think, social media finally marrying the car industry.
There are two sides to our platform. One side is our free social media platform where you can create a network of car fans, fuel up with the news feed, join a car club specific to your passion, seek useful advice, and organize fun events.
Our ambition is to bring all car clubs under one roof. We have built our social media design to inspire your passion. At the core of our design is the hub page which features the news feed, a vertical news crawler that you can feed, and you can control by using our powerful filters.
The other side of our platform is the car market. This is where members can buy and sell cars just like any other site, but we offer an edge.
The benefit to you of a car market/social media integration is there will be an increased level of transparency and trust, because each buyer and seller will also be a member with a personal profile. Compare this to the buying experience of dealing with an anonymous faceless number found elsewhere. This raises our car market concept to a whole new level.
We increase the benefit to you even further. Other car markets depend on two types of motivation to sell cars; the buyer's desire to buy, and the seller's desire to sell. Our car market concept is triple powered. We harness the buyer's desire, the seller's desire, and we introduce our third power, the connector's desire to contribute.
The connector will be a fellow member inspired to help a buyer and a seller find each other. After a successful deal, if the buyer and seller vouch that a connector helped them, ManWomanCar will donate 10% of that placement ad revenue, to a charity, voted in by our members. The users of the car market only gain. Triple win. Triple powered.
To benefit you still further, as a buyer you can post a car you want to buy, and get on with the other demands of life. Connectors can help you, and sellers can find you, just making your life easier. That's the strength of being part of a team, your buddies can give you a hand when you need it; and you can return the favor down the road. The connector will receive the satisfaction of helping fellow members, and of contributing to a worthy charity. We put our money where our mouth is.
Collaboration, intelligence, abundance, and contribution are the values of Net Gen. We strive for a business model that walks these values. We believe that alignment with these values of the Digital Age will help us take the digital car industry to the next level.
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