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The Top 5 Dangers you Need to Avoid Before you Buy any Car, Ever!

Before you rush out to buy the car of your dreams you need to rein it in a bit and have a reality check. Buying a new or used car can be tricky business. The top 5 dangers you need to avoid before you buy any car aren’t complicated, but it can take some thinking through about what type of risk you can really handle.
If you are thinking about buying a used car, think it through real slow. The first thing you need to know that if anyone is claiming they need to get rid of a car fast because of a sudden illness that there is a scam somewhere in the deal. Like the classic tale of the “little old lady who only drove on Sundays,” if the car is too good to be true at the price listed and there is pressure to buy it fast, walk away. The other dangers that are very real when looking at purchasing a used car include:

• Danger #1 – The Salvage Title
• Danger #2 - The car that needs work
• Danger #3 Buying a car in the wrong part of town

A car with a salvage title could be unsafe or need more work than you can afford. The same think is true about the “fixer upper” or the car advertised as just needing one thing to pass inspection. Ten to one, if the person couldn’t afford that one repair, they probably can’t afford the other ones that the car needs and you will get in over your head. You also need to be very careful about where the car is when you go look at it. More and more cities are seeing scams where cars are listed, then potential buyers mugged because the thieves know they are probably carrying cash.

But you are not out of the woods yet if you just opt to shop new. The biggest dangers of all are reserved for the new car market.

• Danger #4 – Buying a car you can’t afford

• Danger #5 - Taking a finance plan that will last longer than the car is worth
New cars are expensive and while a dealer may offer you a no down payment financing deal, look carefully at all the hidden costs. Some high performance cars carry a hefty price tag when it comes to even simple maintenance like an oil change. Sure, synthetic oils don’t have to be changed as frequently as regular oil, but the cost of that one oil change certainly makes up for it. Consider to that you will have to carry comprehensive insurance for the entire length of the plan and pay car tax. It is easy to think you are getting a good deal with a low monthly payment, but if that payment plan extends beyond 36 months, chances are you will still be paying on it long after the car has lost its value. Avoid these dangers by slowing yourself down and looking at the whole picture before going to look at a car. That habit can keep you safe in some very important ways.
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