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The Top 5 Greatest Changes that the Car Caused to How We Live

Love them or hate them, cars have been one of the most influential technologies on how our society, culture and sense of self have evolved since the 1900s. There is an increasing recognition on the negative impact of the car culture on the environment, but there should be a balanced recognition of the ways we have benefited from them as well. The world we live in now is considered to be a “car driven society,” cars have changed how we work, how we play, where we live, who we love and what we dream of as possibilities in our lives. Here is a look at the top 5 greatest changes that the car caused to how we live.

1.Cars let us seek work elsewhere – having a car means you can get to a job almost anywhere. While we usually take that as a matter of convenience it has had a powerful influence of the development of manufacturing. By being able to locate and build manufacturing facilities in areas that were not populated, larger and more innovative facilities could be constructed introducing whole new industries. Since workers could get to where the work was, it meant that companies could invest in creating plants that offered more jobs. It also meant that hard times could be cushioned by people going out beyond their comfort zone for work without having to incur the costs of moving too.

2. Cars changed how we play – Before the advent of the car, the idea of taking a vacation to ski or even just to go for a hike meant you had to plan a week’s long journey. With a car you can travel great distance in a short period of time which opened up venues of sport and recreation to more economic classes of people. Where downhill skiing used to only be the hobby of the well-to-do in the 1800s, it became accessible to anyone with a day off from work and a few dollars for gas.

3. Cars changed where we live – you no longer have to live within walking distance of where you work, you can choose where you live and then drive in. This gave rise to the suburbs and a new standard and quality of living that wasn’t accessible to the middle and lower class before.

4. Cars change who we love – One of the reasons that unrequited love was such a staple of old time romances is if you fell in love with someone they had better live on the same street or the most you could do was send letters back and forth. Cars have changed how we view distances, and allowed us to change who we see as a potential partner.

5. Cars changed our dreams – The car you own has become one of the most visible and obvious, symbols of the lifestyle you have or aspire too. Once cars were merely functional machines that got us around. Now your car can hold the dream of what you want to be. Even if you never achieve the rest of the life to go with the car and what it represents, when you are driving, you are in the moment you want.
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