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ManWomanCar vs. CarDomain: Which is the best for your car interests? A biased opinion :)

On both ManWomanCar and CarDomain you can shop used vehicles from classics to salvage units through the free listings. So why pick one over the other? And why do both want you to sign up to become members? It’s because both sites are trying to take advantage of the rise of online community networking that is built around shared interests. The problem is, only one of these sites is really built for it and takes the effort seriously.

Speed and Access

Right out of the gate, ManWomanCar blows CarDomain away for one simple reason; this site is optimized for mobile viewing. CarDomain is a lot flashier, but just try to pull flashy up on your smartphone and see how far it gets you. This should be your first clue about which site is serious about tapping into the growing movement of interest based communities.

The Community

There is a world of difference between a group of people who belong to a site to talk about their cars and their interests, and a community of people who share a love of cars of a certain type. Car clubs are about more than just liking a vehicle, they are a means of networking, sharing and making friends. The online community at CarDomain can very much be summed up with the fact that the Facebook signup feature is prominently displayed on their landing page. Facebook tends to serve a certain type of person that is more about themselves and competition then networking and creating community. ManWomanCar has a community focus that is inclusive of charities and groups that are about a shared interest, not just forums where you ring your own bell about how wonderful you are. ManWomanCar also has moderators that are much more engaged with making sure dialogue is helped along, not shut down.

Charity begins at home

The charity side of ManWomanCar is something that just doesn’t exist on CarDomain, except as a dusty thread somewhere in the database. Online giving is on the rise and becoming an important part of how people give back to their community. The charities don’t have to be car centric either, but can cover a broad range of interests. The focus of ManWomanCar helps to include this new trend in giving as a means of serving community and networking easily. CarDomain just isn’t set up to allow for anything but self-interest. To be fair, the reason you may want to join a car site may be far from wanting any involvement with community; but joining car clubs, the type that ManWomanCar is building is about a lot more than cars – it’s about lifestyle.

What are you really looking for?

Which site you like is going to depend a lot on who you are. If you tend to use words like “man cave” and think that driving like a stunt car driver in a video game means something in real life – chances are you are a good fit with CarDomain. If you are someone who loves cars and it reflects a deep commitment to other interests in your life, the ManWomanCar is where you are going to find your people.
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